Sinpaş Yapı Industry

We touch lives for 42 years...

As one of the oldest construction and real estate organizations of Turkey, Sinpaş Yapı has been developing environment-friendly, high quality living spaces which add value to their own locality as well as commercial real estate projects which add value to the business world for 42 years.

Having been founded in 1974 and moved its General Directorate from Ankara to Istanbul in 1986 in order to improve its activities, up until now Sinpaş has made approximately 80,000 people homeowners.

Having made corporate and administrative changes in line with the transition that occurred in the housing industry of Turkey in 1990s and 2000s, Sinpaş Holding has established such companies as Sinpaş Yapı, Sinpaş GYO and Servet GYO within its own body, which focus on different projects like real estate investment trusts, branded residence projects and commercial projects. Sinpaş Yapı has been structured as Sinpaş Yapı's main company which focuses on branded housing projects as well as commercial projects.

Growing 30% annually over the last 10 years, Sinpaş Yapı has exceeded the sector average, and drawn a consistent growth with its sustainable philosophy of growth.

In order to leave a beautiful future to our children, Sinpaş Yapı offers environment-friendly living spaces in touch with blue and green.

While different tones of blue and green stand out in each of the projects developed by Sinpaş Yapı, each project has been constructed differently in terms of their architecture, landscape and social opportunities. Each project is developed with a unique concept special to it.

All the projects developed by Sinpaş Yapı quickly rise in value.

Sinpaş Yapı adds value not only to its own projects, but also to their localities. It undertakes leadership in the localities where it carries out projects, and contributes to the increase in the value of the relevant localities.

Many projects which have been developed by Sinpaş Yapı up till today including Koru Konutları (Koru Houses), Boğaziçi Malikaneleri (Bosphorus Mansions), Serakent, Pasha Yalı, Sealybria, Marenegro, İstanbul Palace, Aqua City, Aqua Manors, Central Life, Boğaztepe, Kelebekia Premium, Kelebekia, Flatofis, Deposite AVM, İş Modern Ticaret ve Lojistik Merkezi (İş Modern Trade and Logistics Center) have attracted great attention from house purchasers, the business world as well as investors, thanks to which they have been sold out in a short while.

Today, the projects which are still being carried out and sold by Sinpaş Yapı in Istanbul, Ankara, Denizli and Frankfurt create difference with their unique concepts, high quality living spaces and broad social opportunities. Altınoran and Marina Ankara in the city of Ankara as well as Liva and Köyceğiz in the city of Istanbul are the projects on sale in 2015.

On the other hand, the projects for which Sinpaş Yapı provides Advertising, Marketing and Project Management services include Ottomare Suites, Ottomare Palace and Sea Pearl in Istanbul, AquaCity in Denizli, which carry the quality and expertise of Sinpaş Yapı into the future, and provide families with peaceful, safe and comfortable living spaces to live with their children.

The project Altınoran that has been developed in Çankaya district of Ankara is the largest themed living space in Turkey. In Altınoran, which offers great diversity in terms of social opportunities, the capital city dwellers are provided with unique facilities such as Snowland, the largest artificial ski center of Europe, which offers the opportunity to ski for 365 days of the year, as well as the first ice-skating rink constructed as a part of a housing project. There are a telpher providing transportation within the project site, an advanture park (Macera Parkı) which will offer services with special trainers, professional football pitches and many tennis courts, which constitute a part of Altınoran's exclusive world. In Marina Ankara, which is yet another project developed by Sinpaş Yapı in the same district, the capital city dwellers will have many facilities and charms of marine life. Thanks to these two projects being constructed in Çankaya Oran district, the capital will have many innovations in terms of sailing, skiing and outdoor sports, plant gardens, walking and running tracks, different themed playgrounds for children, new squares, restaurants, commercial areas and meeting points. These two "icon projects" presented to the capital by Sinpaş Yapı are also the most assertive integrated life projects of Turkey.

While the projects carried out by Sinpaş up until now have received many awards on international platforms, the project Ottomare Suites, which is one of the projects still on sale, has been awarded in the European Property Awards under the category of "Highly Commended Architecture Multiple Residence."

The sales office which serves as the General Directorate Building of Sinpaş in Ankara was awarded in the European Property Awards (International Real Estate Awards) under the category of "OFFICE ARCHITECTURE TURKEY - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Continuing to offer high-quality living spaces and advanced social facilities in all the projects it performs, Sinpaş Yapı is carrying its expertise of 42 years into the future...